3C Packaging Implements Color Matching Process

3C Packaging (www.3CPackaging.com) has launched a “Color By Numbers” program based in a dedicated ink room at its Clayton, NC, headquarters. The room houses a spectrophotometer, which provides a linchpin for greater control of and results from its color matching processes.
Spectrophotometry is a process in which inks are accurately and repeatedly mixed to achieve a match within one Delta E, a tolerance barely perceptible to the human eye. This ensures consistency of color from batch to batch and run to run, thereby reducing the variability of the printing process and simplifying the final stages of client approval.
The converter reports an array of upsides. One is a tightening of tolerances for ink through in-house ink mixing, which leads to less overall ink being needed to produce exacting colors. Another benefit has been the elimination of subjective approval of color tolerances, because the machine handles this electronically.
On a related note, 3C now boasts complete color standardization across entire vendor lines—meaning an individual customer will have the exact same colors, shades, and hues across a full line of cartons, displays, labels, etc., regardless of the print material.
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