100% Recycled Paperboard Rates Well

In a recent study ordered by the 100% Recycled Paperboard Alliance (Washington, DC), market research shows growing satisfaction for 100% recycled paperboard.

Conducted by research firm Priority Metrics Group, the study consisted of 220 telephone interviews with packaging, technical, and purchasing professionals at 143 U.S. companies. These companies represented the toothpaste, soap, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the dry and frozen/refrigerated foods, pet supply, and office supply industries.

The study�s findings include:

� Nearly 55% of the respondents indicate that when marketing products, an environmentally positive image is important. Of the 55%, 70% say that the 100% recycled paperboard symbol on packages has appeal, value, and importance to consumers. Respondents also said that increased use of 100% recycled paperboard by marketers can result in a positive increase in a firm�s environmentally friendly image from 33�73%.
� More than 55% of respondents rated 100% recycled paperboard as having superior value.
� One-third of heavy users of 100% recycled paperboard see recycled paperboard as superior to other types of packaging, in terms of consumer preference and shelf impact. In addition, satisfaction was also positive for processes involving recycled paperboard, including filling line performance and distribution efficiency.
� Four attributes were found to be the most important reasons for the respondents� satisfaction with 100% recycled paperboard. Value ranked at the top, with carton runability as the second most important attribute. Other reasons were overall paperboard quality and carton performance.
� Current users of any amount of 100% recycled paperboard are 20�25% more positive in their evaluations than nonusers and found many of its features superior to other types of packaging.
� 100% recycled paperboard is a key packaging material. The study found that among users of any amount of 100% recycled paperboard, the material represents nearly a 60% share of their total packaging. Among likely and current users, the material rated 40% of their total packaging.

�The study proves that consumer product packaging companies that use 100% recycled paperboard have a high regard for the substrate,� says Lynn Harrelson, executive director for the 100% Recycled Paperboard Alliance. �They also view it as a key tool in catching the attention of the end-consumer by communicating an environmentally positive image.�

�Despite the subtle differences in perception of 100% recycled paperboard between various segments of the industry, the study clearly shows that over the last five years, the vast majority (64%) of packaged goods companies cite significant improvements in recycled paperboard,� says John Barrett, Priority Metrics president. �For example, runability, printability, consistency, and strength are identified as critical quality attributes for packaging decision makers that have improved substantially over the last five years.�


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